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What Kinds Of Gas Hob Are Generally Divided
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Gas hob is mechanical, metallurgical, chemical, light industry, building materials, glass lamp industry, a variety of furnaces and industrial furnace ideal secondary energy equipment.

Gas hob gas production process by different and the quality of gas produced is divided into single-stage gas stove, two-stage gas stove, two-stage hot gas stove, two-stage clean gas stove.

Single-stage gas stove equipment is simple, only the water jacket and roof devices, slag system, the gas produced by the hot dirty gas, adapted to the delivery distance, the cleanliness of the gas less demanding kiln.

Two-stage gas stove is based on the single-stage gas stove add a dry distillation section, the role is close to 550-750 ° C will bituminous coal for dry distillation, dry distillation volatile content of 2-3%, coal distillation The product is semi-coke or coke, then semi-coke or coke vaporization, the process of generating gas. Fuel is bituminous coal. Points up and down the two gas outlets, gas exports from the lower section of the gas is carbonized gas generated after the carbonization of semi-coke or coke vaporization, without tar, the upper gas is dry distillation gas, C, H compound content is high, Tar, tar generated is the temperature of 550-750 ° C dry distillation generated, are light tar, similar to diesel, the output of coal consumption about 3 - 4%, calorific value of about 10,000 kcal, can be taken out or used as fuel oil . Gas produced by the two-stage gas stove is relatively clean, and the transmission distance is long, the requirements of the coal quality is not single-stage gas stove. The gas produced by the two-stage cold gas station after the purification and cooling device can be pressurized and then transported long distances without limitation of the site, and the quality of the clean gas is relatively clean. The gas is mainly used and has high requirements on the gas quality Chemical, ceramics and other industries.

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