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The Heating Principle Of The Ceramic Hob
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Temperature control principle of ceramic hob

Ceramic hob surface temperature control technology is very important. A great power density, do not control the surface temperature of furnace temperature may exceed 1000 degrees in some situations. The foreign original stove by mechanical control. The current domestic production of most of the thermocouple control plate. The thermocouple is usually used in the industrial field for high temperature control. It has little cost in industry, but the reliability of this low-cost product is doubtful. There are many reasons for the failure of electronic type.

The safety and reliability of the mechanical thermostat is unquestionable. But the mechanical thermostat itself is more difficult to make. The general mechanical temperature controller is also controlled by 350 degrees. The control of 600 degrees of high temperature should be made for this product. With the patent and other reasons, there is no domestic production capacity of the stove temperature control machine. I think the mechanical temperature control stove into the mainstream market is conducive to the popularization and development of products in the long China. Security is also the first of a product design. The design of foreign countries naturally has his reason.

Electric ceramic oven heating is using the principle of infrared heating technology, the nickel wire plate fever heat, will emit infrared rays when generating heat. This technology makes the heating speed of the electric pottery furnace quicker, and the factors of health, safety and no harm to health during the process of heat production.