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Seven Attention To The Selection And Purchase Of Water Heater
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1. Guiji inner gallbladder

Special Jingui materials and steel plates are tightly fused, increasing the safety factor of electric water heaters, resisting huge impact, not falling off or breaking, prolonging the service life of water heaters, and they are super durable, corrosion resistant and anti scaling. The so-called "use of 52 years of electric water heater", used is the Guiji inner gallbladder.

2. anti electric wall

The electricity protection wall has been called by some people as a technology to save this year's electric water heater market. The power fence has solved the problems of live line charging and water pipe electrification, aiming at the domestic irregular electricity consumption environment.

3. section combustion

Segmented combustion is a close fitting design. The water heater also has multiple functions of firepower switching. According to the influent, effluent temperature and output, the computer output the gas volume and choose the appropriate fire switch.

4. flow sensor needle

The water sensor is installed inside the water heater. As long as the inductor needle senses even a little water, it can instantly ventilate and burn completely, and hot water will follow, so you can enjoy a comfortable hot bath.

5. intelligent circulating water system

It can not only save water, but also improve the comfort of use.

6. security early-warning

Safety issues are always unaware of the situation, and the safety warning can remind you at any time if the gas water heater has a safety fault.

7. condensing Technology

Condensing technology is known as the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly heat utilization technology at present.

When choosing the brand of water heater, we must make a comprehensive comparison between multiple brands and shops. Combined with the brand of the water heater list, it is reasonable and objective to determine what brand of water heater is in its mind.