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How To Properly Use The Stove
- Feb 07, 2018 -

To ensure the normal combustion and safe use of natural gas, the stove should be placed on non-aircraft ground fire-resistant stove, stove height of 600-700 mm is appropriate. To ensure the thermal efficiency of combustion stove and prevent flame was blown off and cause an accident, stove must be installed in sheltered places.

The distance between the stove and the stove is not less than 500 mm, the stove should not be installed directly under the gas meter, gas meter horizontal spacing distance of not less than 300 mm, gas is 1.6 meters from the ground. 
Use the stove should note the following: 
(1) "Fire and other gas", that is, first ignition and then open air, so safe; contrary, if the first open air after ignition, the gas to flow into the air, reaching explosive concentrations will cause an explosion in a fire, this is very dangerous, so be sure to "fire, such as gas." 
(2) to learn how to adjust the throttle to regulate intake air volume based on the size of the flame, so as to prevent removal of fire, tempering and yellow flames. 
(3) When using plug adjust the flame size, must be turning slowly, avoid slamming shoved open, to prevent damage.