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Ceramic Hob Temperature Control Principle
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Ceramic hob temperature control is an extremely important skill. The power density of the hob is very high, and the temperature of the furnace surface can not be controlled. In some applications, the temperature can exceed 1000 degrees. Rice kitchen using the world's leading industrial-grade precision thermocouple temperature control technology. Thermocouple is usually used in industrial areas of high temperature control temperature control range can reach more than 1300 degrees, with the temperature accuracy, zero failure, infinite advantages of long life!

Mechanical thermostat is the most traditional temperature mode. Production method is simple, the use of metal thermal expansion principle. The usual mechanical temperature control less than 600 degrees. However, mechanical use of a long time with high temperature oxidation will slowly produce temperature deviation, but failure will burn broken panel. The thermocouple using electronic technology, when the thermocouple is not detected when the chip temperature, the system will immediately stop heating and display fault code to protect the expensive panel. This is a mechanical thermostat is no way to do it!

Electric ceramic heater is the use of infrared heating technology, the principle of the furnace by the nickel-chromium wire heat occurs in the heat, the time of the heat will announce the infrared. This technique makes electric furnace heating speed, heat production process is healthy, safe, no harm to the health and well-being of the elements