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Can The Gas Stove Open The Probe Hole When It Is Hot?
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Because the gas stove is under negative pressure during hot standby, it is not allowed to open the fire opening during hot standby in order to prevent the air from entering the top of the stove.

Some units have opened fire in the hot fire hole,

Observe the situation in the furnace. As the air is sucked in from the top of the furnace and the gas formed on the furnace surface by natural ventilation is formed, a mixed gas is formed and a shot at the top of the furnace is generated.

If after a long period of hot standby, you really need to know the furnace, then, as long as the white air valve is turned off, slightly open the air gate valve, into a small amount of air, while slightly lower the maximum release valve, forming a positive pressure on the roof To open fire exploration hole, check and detect furnace conditions.