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Why saving stoves gas province?
- Feb 07, 2018 -
1, energy: energy-saving stoves completely changed the traditional large gas burner for a small open-air sealed combustion gas savings of 30-50%. 
2, fierce fire: energy-saving stoves furnace surface pores up to more than 7000, a large area of multiple geometric ratio, blue flame to strong infrared overlay, thermal efficiency up to 65%, (ordinary stove is only 40-50%) after the furnace surface temperature catalytic element far infrared thermal polymerization temperature of 1100-1200 degrees (ordinary stove is 800-900 degrees). 
3, Health: energy-saving stoves original double trachea atmospheric combustion, to single pipe jet premixed spray combustion, to ensure complete combustion of the gas, can effectively inhibit the discharge of pollutants in flue gas, eliminating the hazards to human risk. 
4, environmental protection: microporous Appliance flameless combustion, there is purifying effect, kitchen and bedroom pollution, measured CO emissions during combustion of 0.05% or less in line with national standards. 
5, security: energy-saving stoves instant soup poured over stove surface is not broken, do not deform, the flame is not extinguished, strong wind performance, safer to use. 
6 Health: energy-saving stoves use of closed burning completely full, no black carbon, regardless of the level of bottom position, and never blame. 
7, durable: infrared transmitter board using polymer material thermal polymerization degree heat by thousands refining, life of up to 6-8 years. 
8, convenience: three minutes can be installed, for a wide range liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, pipeline gas, biogas can be applied, is an alternative to traditional stoves product! 
So saving stoves is now the best-selling products.