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What is the use of gas stove should pay attention to?
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1. use gas stove, someone must take care to prevent the flame goes out, causing a gas leak.

2. without automatic ignition device using a gas stove, and should draw Wang matches, then turn the gas switch, so to avoid air discharge gas. When using a gas stove 3 found reddish color flame or combustion anomalies, should be adapted to adjust the stove damper until the flame is blue, the exception disappears. 

4 found tempering phenomenon (abnormal sound), to promptly switch off the gas stove, check the burner fire hole is blocked by the dredge and repair before use. 

5. found irritating odor when burned, should enhance indoor ventilation. 

6 after use, should be closed before the gas stove switch, when you want to close out or sleeping gas meter before the main switch.