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What is really good embedded stove?
- Feb 07, 2018 -

With embedded gas stove gradually enter Chinese families, the market cooker brand more and more leeway to choose from growing. But careful comparison found that although each brand to promote their product in different emphases from influence, marketing network, the price war, the product material aspects, but the real product itself is not obvious inherent personality traits. Consumers in the operators who "painstakingly" has forgotten the most fundamental technology embedded stove concept of what is really good for embedded stove?

Current embedded gas stove burner design is widespread due to these problems: heat load is difficult to improve, low thermal efficiency, mostly in 3.5KW or less, difficult to adapt to Chinese people eating and cooking habits. The reason is installed in the kitchen stove embedded below the surface to form a closed space, air required for combustion gas into the burner and the surrounding hard, can not fully burn, inevitably produce a lot of yellow flame. The solution is to increase the height of the pot holder, the result is a huge loss of heat, reduce heat efficiency. At the same time increase the air convection stove center can not be closed, soups dirt is easy to fall into the center from the burner stove, causing cleaning difficult.

Increase the heat load generated yellow flame is not cleaning, reduce the heat load can be cleaning, but not reach the burning effect, this dilemma has been plagued by domestic stove business.