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The working principle of gas hob
- Jun 11, 2018 -

The gas stove is a method of supplying natural air to the gap between the gas stove and the upper cover to supplement the lack of air during combustion, thereby promoting combustion and reducing carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide generation. The gas stove is circular and has a mixed gas injection port on the inner surface; One end of the mixing pipe is connected to the side of the gas stove, and the other end is equipped with an air conditioner. The middle of the air conditioner is a gas input pipe.

 The air box in the middle of the stove body is provided with multiple air injection outlets that are ejected by the blower. The blower that blows air through the motor is connected with the first air box by the input tube; The upper cover is covered above the stove, and the middle is the flame injection area. The flame is ejected upwards through the flame injection area. Above the gas hob , there are at least three convex seats along the circumference; Place the upper cover on the convex seat; Natural air is then supplied through the gap between the upper cover and the convex seat.