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The husehold water heater should be clean the magnesium rod and liner in time
- May 16, 2018 -

   Nowadays,lots of  water heater should have magnesium rod .It would be expend when using.And the quality of water decide the consumption level of magnesium rod .Usually,the electric water heater should  be changed the temperature cntroller and heater in specified store every three years .


  And the liner of electric water heater should be clean once time at each season .The way is shutting off the electricity first ,then closing the inlet valve,finally opening the outlet valve,Turn the plastic drain ear on the safety valve counterclockwise by 90 degrees,discharge the dirt and water from water heater .

   And then infuse the water to clean .Finishing inject the water ,it can be charged with electricity.Then add less of dilute acid to clean that it is ok,such as hydrochloric acid and vitriol,use a lot of water to clean after washing dirt .