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The difference of table gas hob and the built-in gas hob
- May 28, 2018 -

Built-in gas hob :built-in means put the hob into the bearing surface.But with the increasing demands on the kitchen environment ,and the built-in hob can use as the table gas hob ,so beautiful gas fires gradually become the mainstream of the market,and the built -in gas hob status will be more and more precarious .

However, when the embedded stove is installed, the bottom shell must not be completely isolated from the outside air. It is necessary to open a hole of about 80CM2 on the cupboard to prevent the cabinet from being sealed and avoid causing the accumulated gas concentration to be too high and an accident.

As the price ,the table gas hob is cheaper than the built-in gas hob.and as the appearance,the built-in gas hob is not only more beautiful than the table gas hob but also hard to get the dirt and looks very nice .The built-in gas hob should have the cabinet fittings .

The valve switch is designed into the cabinet.As the safety ,the table gas hob is safety from the surface.Because the valve is bare from outside .The different thing is that the bulit-in valve is set into the hob.The correct way to use it is that we have to close the switch of hob and valve of the gas .The is safe.