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The difference between the induction cooker and gas hob 2
- Jun 08, 2018 -

The induction furnace is known as a environmental protection stove with the avant-garde atmosphere of the times.Because the iron material is heated by magnetic field induction, no material is released, there is no fire, smoke-free, tasteless, and  temperature is  not raised; When traditional coal, petroleum gas, and gas are burned, due to the burning of air, The temperature continues to rise, and kitchen oil fumes continue to increase. 

At the same time, harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide are released to affect human health. The use of environmentally friendly induction furnaces does not have many problems with the pollution of traditional stoves, so it really realizes the cleaning of rooms and the protection of the environment.It has no fire when working, especially  cooking in the summer, refreshing and comfortable. So the induction cooker is absolutely necessary for a green kitchen. 

Gas stove is not convenient to use, the induction furnace is very convenient. There are more hidden dangers in the use of gas, and there are fewer hidden dangers in the induction furnace.