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The air inlet mode (二)
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Upward wind type: This gas stove improved the disadvantage of the first kind stove, raised the stove head over the table, hoping to enter the air from the gap between the gas stove and the liquid pan. However, at the time of combustion, the site has formed a high temperature area. The cold air is heated and inflated, and it can not enter the furnace head. 

Therefore, the secondary air is still not effectively replenished, and it can not fundamentally solve the problem of high concentrations of Huangyan and carbon monoxide. This kind of structural design, heat load can not be designed too large? Greater than 3.06 kilowatt-hours Huangyan is very powerful, has low thermal efficiency, does not meet the needs of the Chinese people for fierce fire, and the high furnace head greatly reduces the beauty of the stove, but it can reduce the glass panel burst rate.