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keep the fire moderately to save gas
- Jun 14, 2018 -

The power of fire is an intuitive indicator of the general consumer's choice of gas stove. The larger the heat flow value of the appliancess gas stove design, the stronger the heating ability,if firepower is too large it is not good necessarily.In fact, the power of the heat flow should be suitable for cooking methods and stoves. If the pursuit of large heat flow will greatly reduce the heat efficiency of stoves and increase the emissions of waste flue gas. 

So when cooking, the bigger the better. The gas stove depends on the flame to transmit heat to the bottom of the pot, but the contact time between the flame and the bottom of the pot is very short. If the fire is too large, a large amount of heat is not used quickly, so that nearly half of the gas may be wasted.Otherwise,the size of the firepower should be determined according to the size of the pan.

The area of the flame distribution is the same as the pan bottom, which is the most effective heat transfer.When cooking soup or stewing something,you can boil it with a big fire and cook it on a low heat. Just keep the pot rolling without overflowing.Therefore,when using gas stoves,it is not only necessary to use moderate firepower, but also to select stoves according to their own lifestyle.