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Gas and electric ,which one of water heater we should buy?
- May 25, 2018 -

The gas water heater is the best .The reason why can be lisited as followed .

1.The gas water heater has 5L,7L ,8L and 10L .This is the hot water rising 25 degree centigrade in1 minute.The electric water heater is 30L to 90L .This is the water volume of electric water heater .We can compare 8L gas water heater with 60L electric water heater ,The 8-liter gas heater can produce 8 liters of hot water continuously one minute, and there is no limit to the amount of water used.And the electric water heater needs to add a cup of water after half an hour.we have to wait about half an hour if this can runs out.In winter .It will have to wait for half an hour to continue washing .if the bath time is not mastered, a can of water has not yet been washed.

2.Gas water heaters are rapidly heated and have a temperature adjustment device .So As long as the temperature is adjusted to feel comfortable at the beginning of use, the hot water will remain at this temperature for the rest of the time.The electric water heater is volumetric. After heating a can of water, when it is first used, it is necessary to top the heated water with cold water because of the high temperature(usually about 80 °C), and at the same time, it is necessary to add some cold water.During the initiation process, the water temperature begins to be higher and gradually decreases as the water temperature is used.So in use, you need to constantly adjust the proportion of cold and hot water.

3.the 8L gas water heater price range is 800 to 1200 yuan .And it has to add the packing expense ,the price is 1500 yuan .The electric water heater price is 1800yuan .after adding packing expense ,the price is 2000.It is more expensive than the gas water heater.

4.From the point of view of the cost of use, the current natural gas is 1.9 yuan per cubic meter and 0.48 yuan per kilowatt hour.Since both of them are used for adding hot water use, the ratio of heat to heat is 10 kilowatts for 1 cubic meter of natural gas, 1 kilowatt per hour for electricity, 0.19 yuan per kilowatt for natural gas, and 0.48 yuan per kilowatt for electricity.

5.If the gas of gas water heater is of good quality, it can generally be used for more than 6 years; Due to the serious scale phenomenon, electric water heaters can be used for about 4 years under the condition of good water quality. As the usage time increases, the heating efficiency of the electric water heater will also be greatly reduced.