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Force type gas water heater (二)
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Due to the pressure of the water flow, the micro-switch is turned on, and the exhaust motor begins to work after powering on ,opening the water and ventilate.At the same time,The pulse igniter begins to discharge, the gas control electromagnetic valve opens the air flow by the combustion chamber, the gas encounters an electric spark, and begins to heat the circulation tank. 

The hot water flows out quickly after the cold water is discharged.If the water temperature is more than 50 degrees, it limits the operation of the temperature controller,cut off the power and the gas goes out.If the outdoor wind pressure is too large or the flue is blocked, the circulation water tank is used for a long time to cause the water tank heat exchanger to melt and stick, the exhaust wind is not smooth, the wind pressure switch will turn off the power supply, and the gas water heater will stop working.

Usually the wind pressure switch is more prone to failure. The performance is: the gas water heater can work, but it will automatically stall in seconds or minutes.