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Energy saving electric stove will occupy the leading position
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Energy saving is the most commonly mentioned hot word in the electric furnace industry in the past two years. What is an energy saving electric furnace? In order to ensure the same heating effect, the equipment that consumes the least energy and has the least harm to the environment can be called energy saving electric furnace. There are two reasons for the popularity of energy saving electric furnaces, one is the reduction of energy, especially the main source of electric energy is non renewable resources. Two is the evil of the ecological environment, and the state vigorously promotes the policy of green environmental protection. It can be said that the energy saving electric furnace is the product of adapting to the national conditions and the development of the times.

Luoyang Yanbo furnace industry as an industry pioneer, already realize energy-saving furnace is the future development of the industry trend, in recent years the company has been strengthening the research and production of energy-saving equipment, energy-saving also has two meanings, one is to reduce the loss, on the other hand is little harm to the environment. This also coincides with the direction of national development. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the energy saving electric furnace is the trend of the times. Luoyang Yanbo electric furnace industry force from two aspects of raw materials and manufacturing technology, energy saving of equipment, through the selection of insulation material and the quality of the heating element to reduce the power consumption, at the same time through the furnace atmosphere and the heat of redundant technology to improve the reuse, reduce waste discharge, reduce the harm to the environment finally, to achieve the purpose of saving energy.

Of course, the research on energy saving furnace is a long process of development, with the development of industry, energy saving each time requirements may also change, therefore, is committed to saving electric R & D and production enterprises, to research on the energy saving furnace as a long-term work, produce energy saving furnace the equipment of different energy-saving effect is the ultimate goal