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Gas Hob With 3 Burners

Gas Hob With 3 Burners

Built - in stainless steel gas hob 3 burners gas hob with India suppliers 1. Electronic ignition. 2. Pure blue flame, do not pollute cooker and the indoor environment. 3. Adjustable heat control. 4. The furnace body craft delicacy, smooth and easy to clean. 5. Furnace body is portable and good...

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 Faster cooking time – Gas hobs will heat your food a lot faster than other cookers e.g. an electric stove. With a gas hob heat is immediately available and you don’t need to wait for it to warm up.


Stainless Steel Gas stove


  Model Number  GB608028SS
  Panel Material   0.8 MM Stainless steel
  Hole Size  620.0028*340.0028mm
  Product Size 710.0028*400.0028mm
  Carton Size 755.0028*445.0028*160.0028mm
  Loading Quantity(40HQ/20FT)  1204.0028/463.0028pcs

Even heat distribution – Because a gas hob has a centralised flame, the heat is evenly distributed on the cookware.

Accurate cooking temperatures – They provide easier heat control for different cooking temperatures, as you can either increase or instantly reduce heat.




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