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3 Burner Gas Hob, Built-In Gas Stove Brands

3 Burner Gas Hob, Built-In Gas Stove Brands

*Easy to use for the three burners gas hob *Thermalcouple Safety Device *Adaptable for LPG,NG *High combustion efficiency *Low harmful exhaust gas 1. Energy-saving,multifunction three gas burners 2.High quality stainless steel panels smooth, beautiful appearance, easy to clean 3. Innovative...

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Product Details

*Easy to use for the three burners gas hob.
*Thermalcouple Safety Device.
*Adaptable for LPG,NG.
*High combustion efficiency.
*Low harmful exhaust gas.


Product Specification


  Model Number  GB608077SS
  Panel Material   0.8 MM Tempered Glass
  Hole Size  620.0077*340.0077mm
  Product Size 710.0077*400.0077mm
  Carton Size 755.0077*445.0077*160.0077mm
  Loading Quantity(40HQ/20FT)  1204.0077/463.0077pcs

1. Energy-saving,multifunction  three gas burners.
2.High quality stainless steel  panels smooth, beautiful appearance, easy to clean.
3. Innovative infrared energy combustion technology, powerful burning balance.




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